Penyutradaraan Film Dokumenter Dengan Gaya Bertutur Cinematic Storytelling Mengenai Kopi Legendaris Di Kota Bandung

Farhan Hassemi Fajrin, Anggar Erdhina Adi


Abstract Legendary coffee is the oldest coffee in the city of Bandung. But now the legendary coffee is less known by young people in the city of Bandung. This is due to the low interest of the younger generation to find out the oldest coffee in their own city, and the absence of information media that attract young people about the legendary coffee in the city of Bandung. In the design of this documentary film, directing is important in order to be made with the concept and be able to convey information accordingly. Interviews, observations, visual studies, and literature studies become methods for finding data, and a phenomenological approach as a reference for the target audience. The director arranges the concept in the documentary so that information about the legendary coffee can be conveyed especially to the younger generation in the city of Bandung. Keywords: Legendary Coffee, Documentary Films, Directing.

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