Re-design Ragam Hias Hanjuang Untuk Kain Panjang Tradisional Dengan Menggunakan Teknik Batik

Neng Mariam, Aquamila Prizilla


Batik Sumedang was born in 1999, is intended as a visual track record history to the younger generation in Sumedang Sumedang. Batik Sumedang taken from the cultural and historic heritage the kingdom Geusan Ulun, called the Batik Sumedang batik Kasumedangan. One ornament of batik Kasumedangan namely hanjuang. decorative hanjuang is tree, where hanjuang used as an ornamental plant and land boundaries dijawa. Hanjuang in Sumedang has meaning and history is a witness when the war against Cirebon Sumedang, historic hanjuang tree planted by Embah Jaya Perkasa in 1585 dikutamaya and still stands strong today, meaning conveyed lessons of life in defense of ideals. hanjuang ornament made with the technique of batik and stamp, the colors used on the emblem Sumedang. Redesign decorative hanjuang as a visual track record of historical objects in Sumedang to the younger generation in Sumedang and as a form to introduce batik hanjuang less popular in wider society. Keyword : Batik, Re- design, Hanjuang Decorative

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